Jeanine Noyes


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Toronto singer/songwriter Jeanine Noyes has toured Canada and Europe, playing music festivals and churches, house concerts and beer gardens, bars and rib fests, coffeehouses, castles caves, soft seat theatres, basements, conferences and name it.

Her favourite gigs? The ones where she is connecting with an audience, where they’re matter the size of gathering.

Jeanine’s two critically acclaimed recordings received radio play in Canada and Europe and her songs have been covered by artists in Canada and the UK.

She’s currently working on a new recording with Kingston producer Matt Baetz begun at Freswick Castle in Scotland. Armed with a laptop and some microphones and a wild ocean view for inspiration they started work on this new collection of raw, naked songs inspired by the northern Scottish landscape. They’re now finishing the project back home in the studio.

Jeanine also works in theatre and is especially proud of a Christmas collective called “2000 Candles” for which she arranged and wrote the music. Her work on Brookstone Theatre’s “Dixie Gospel” earned her 2 Dora Nominations.

The Last Song You Forgot

I grew up in a house full of music. My mom sang and played hymns in performance and—well, all the time. Then she began to forget. Read More...


The magic has a name: Jeanine Noyes! The lady with great personal presence works with a voice which enchants...Jeanine Noyes is able to sing a prayer like an angel or chants ‘I love you’ like a mantra...absolutely astonishing! Frankenpost, Bavaria, Germany
Jeanine is a very fine vocalist. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard ‘Abide With Me’ and I don’t think I’ve ever heard a performance as beautiful as that. Thank you. Bill Richardson, CBC Radio
‘He’s Here’ is fantastic, inspiring, beautiful, joyful, radiant. But I knew it would be. Murray Watts, Screenwriter, UK
“The Miracle Maker”
It’d be difficult to find a more entertaining or thoughtful holiday offering than 2000 Candles. Performed by a versatile quartet (Ins Choi, Jeanine Noyes, Richard Peters and Tracy Thomas) who are asked to sing, act and play instruments — one minute they’re a bluegrass band, the next they’re a gospel choir — the show’s individual pieces are well-rounded, fluid and always theatrical...Jeanine Noyes’s arrangements of songs old, new and from different cultures are revelatory. Rating: NNNN
Glenn Sumi, NOW WEEKLY